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ok so I tried to make that clear by taking screenshots, but I don't understand your problem.

(btw sorry I'm French, and so are the language settings on my computer)

step one: download the right file (.zip and not .dmg)

step two: find the .zip file on your computer (for me, it's in Downloads)

step three: right click on the file, then choose "extract here"

(you need WinRAR to extract the .zip files. You can download WinRAR on the Internet)

step four: wait a bit (the extraction takes a little time), then open the BTS-all file that appears

step five: open the .exe file, the one with Jungkook's head as the icon

I mean, I guess that's not your exact problem, but can you be more precise? Downloading the game itself has not been a problem for anyone I believe........