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Hey, Loving the atmosphere & overall feel of Cookies! I'm encountering an odd issue though, the 'punch/kick' button appears mapped to 'RIGHT' rather than 'RIGHT MOUSE' or somthing, and nothing I press seems to get that to work? I've been trying to get into that first room you have to punch open and its impossible? hoping I'm just doing something silly here, as I'm really hoping to play through this! 

Hey man, sorry to hear about that bug, actually the first time I've heard somebody report something like that. I'm not too sure what could be causing it, but as a bandaid fix you can also purchase a crowbar from the shopkeeper, equip it and swing it to bust down the door.

Thanks for your patience.

Yo!I double checked and the issue was I hadn't used the syringe to actually get Punch/Kick powers! right mouse works fine after that. sorry for the false alarm, I'm a chump!