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Really enjoying it so far! It's much funnier than I would have expected, and it's great to see another, more relaxed perspective after having played through RE4 about 100 times. Though I do wonder if it'll be able to maintain this level of humour as it goes on. I wouldn't want huge chunks of the game ignored, but RE4 is a long game, and huge parts of that long game are pretty much just Leon quietly shooting things.

That being said though, I've got trust in you guys. So far so good, definitely looking forward to the full version.

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Thanks for the kind message, mcatis! Believe me, the enormity of the task is not lost on us! But we plan to cover the game in its entirety - as far as scenes that involve Ashley, anyway (too bad for her, she misses out on some of Leon's best moments) - and we'll do our best to keep the humor level high. Fortunately, there's a lot of absurdity in RE4 to draw from, soook forward to the full version!