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What an odd experience. And I mean that as a compliment. Great game! I can't wait to see more. I was a little confused while playing but I figured out how to get through the level. I know I missed a few things though. Gonna have to make more attempts to fully figure it out.


A few things I noticed (not complaining, just making observations)...

- The movement/look speed is very fast and makes it hard to control at times.

- Sometimes I dropped an item on the ground and couldn't pick it back up. Not sure if it was out of my reach or interfering with other objects.

- Items on the left bar would randomly disappear and would make me forget what I was actually holding.

- The VHS effect was a little too powerful, and was very distracting when it would fade between VHS and normal while that effect is active.


Thanks for playing, along with the feedback. Your observations are all very valid. The game is still pretty buggy, so your second and third points are things I've noted and are working towards fixing. 

As for the effects, I'm also in the process of toning them down and allowing each aspect of it to be set by the player so its not as intrusive.