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Another great update, here is a video of me playing it tonight:

A few observations:

  • You can really get swarmed in some plays, like the first door I open had 3 robots and about 5 guys hit me at once
  • Ammo and health drops vanish far too quickly. Unless you clock one and grab it immediately, it's gone. Maybe have them hang around for 30 seconds.
  • Chest high walls are a great addition - I instinctively walked and ducked behind one at one point and blind fired over the top to kill a soldier and robot while under fire, AND SURVIVED :)
  • Same with the new doorways ( i was one who moaned about this before). Now i can reach around a door and hide from fire.

Thanks for the video. Looking at your upload, I'm starting to regret the quick disappear times on the item drops. Will extend those.

I think limiting the number of high-level enemies per room would help when bad RNG strikes. Will fix that!

Great feedback!

Here's the chest high cover moment I mentioned, turns out I did record it.

Sorry for the super late reply - it's been over a week :/

Thanks for the vid!