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How did you made your Dolmexica Infinite game HTML5 and Dreamcast CD? I can't seem get it work.

Oh, sorry it didn't work for you and thanks for reporting it!

Hmm, it should work with the Make-your-own-game kit for Dreamcast and Make-your-own-game kit for Web respectively. They should include everything that is needed for making custom games.

The Dreamcast version comes with a filesystem folder, where you put the assets like you would with regular M.U.G.E.N (though I would recommend testing it with the Windows version first, to make sure there are no errors with the characters themselves or something). After that you have to run "make_cdi.bat GameTitle DISC_TITLE", that should output a GameTitle.cdi. That is the default format for Dreamcast releases and should be burnt with Padus Discjuggler. A trial version which works fine for burning everything can be found here. (I also just noticed the Discjuggler link in the description is broken, I'll fix that now). The reason this format is preferred is historically due to its better treatment of multi-session disc data, which is how the Dreamcast loads CD-R games.

The web version works with the Make-your-own-game kit for Web in a similar fashion: It includes an assets folder where you put the M.U.G.E.N files you want to use (once again, I recommend testing with the Windows version first). After that you run "make_web.bat GameName", that creates the build folder, in which the raw .js files and index.html are located in case you want to change things in them before uploading, and a zipped you can use to upload to sites like itch or newgrounds. There can be problems with bigger games for web versions, the web conversion sometimes struggles with those. Additionally testing the web version locally can be tricky. You either have to use emrun by emscripten, if you have that installed, or test with Microsoft Edge, which works even with local web version builds because unlike Chrome and Firefox it loads local file references (normal browsers disable those due to security reasons, which is great against malware but not so great when you want to test your games locally without running a server).

I also used those kits to make the current Dolmexica versions so they run on my machine at least. Where exactly does the process fail for you? Is there a problem with creating the .cdi/.zip? Is there a failure during burning or loading the game? Does it crash during the game? Does it work with the Windows version or is it maybe just some error in Dolmexica in general? Those would be my first questions, maybe they can help figure out what went wrong. Once again, sorry you ran into issues when trying to make Dreamcast/Web builds.

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Here's the pictures I screenshot.

Also, can you show me the tutorial about Make-your-own-game kit for Web and Dreamcast? I got confused about reading.

Ok, I think I recorgnize the errors:

For the Dreamcast error, it looks like the disc title is too long. If your command is something like "make_cdi.bat GameTitle DISC_TITLE", it's the DISC_TITLE causing the issues, try using a shorter one, that should do the trick. I'm not sure if it's a CD limitation or of the program making the cd image, but I also ran into this issue before.

For the web version, it looks like you are trying to open the index.html in your folder locally, without uploading it to itch or a similar site first. Browsers don't like loading local files (due to security reasons) and want all files to have either a http:// or https:// path. The easiest way to emulate that is to create a test project on itch and upload the zip there (you can make a project without publishing it and test there). It also seems to work locally with the Edge browser because it does not have the security check against loading local files I mentioned before.

Both Make-Your-Own-Game-Kits come with a README.txt, that is all the documentation there is right now. I'll add it to the regular Dolmexica documentation for next time and add a note about the two issues you encountered. I hope the rest of it works as expected now, once again sorry about the errors.