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Road to Greenlight

I'm not dead and neither is this project. I was knocked out by illness for the past couple of weeks which really sucked. Staring at a computer screen for more than an hour caused serious head aches and physical pain in my eyes. Really not a fun experience. But I'm back on my feet, trying to eat healthy and exercise every day so I can stay healthy.

I originally wanted February to be the month I got all the assets and video I needed together to put up a Greenlight project but it's now looking like that will be the goal for early March. To stay focused and make sure I get there, I've now put together a rough road map of features I'll need to implement to have a really solid vertical prototype. Now I know you don't need a working vertical prototype to get on Steam or fund a Kickstarter or anything like that. At the end of the day you can fake all the features that haven't actually been implemented with a little bit of movie magic. Personally, I think this strategy is dishonest and I'm against show casing a bunch of shit that isn't/never will be in the game. Instead, I'm going to capture actual in game footage for the majority of the trailer, use actual music produced for the game, and feature all the things you'll actually find in the game as it runs today.

So without further ado, the master list of:

      • Weapon Popups for interaction
      • Revamp room placement and add more door connections
      • Implement Health
      • Implement Stamina
      • Implement Death
      • Add the Powerup Machine (and name it)
      • Implement several of the planned Perks (not listed here because there are far too many)
      • At least 2 More Enemies
        • Humanoid-like that use weapons
        • Another bug/parasite thing
      • Item Drops (uncrossed ones are easy to add but dependent on other systems getting done)
        • Med Kits (health)
        • Ammo Crates (ammo)
        • Grenade refills?
      • Damage Text
      • Grenades/Bombs
      • Several Weapons
        • Shotgun
        • SMG
        • 6 Shot Revolver
        • Energy Sword
        • Grenade Launcher
      • Make Thrown weapons deal damage
      • At least 1 Boss Battle
      • Overhaul rendering so I can do distortion effects
      • Implement HUD Map

strikethrough = finished Task

bold = current task

I will try to ONLY tackle items on this list and not distract myself with other features or todo's which are not important or completely irrelevant. Like the intro screen: cool looking thought it was, it was a waste of time. I probably won't even use that graphic in the GL trailer, but we'll see. Some of these tasks obviously vary in size, implementing health and stamina are nearly the same task seeing as it's mostly UI binding, but an entire Boss fight is massive. If a task is being broken into small parts, i'll update this list or make a dedicated post talking about that task.