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i see the demo on steam but when you click on it, it brings you back to the main steam page. get them to fix it so i can leave a great rating!

i love the update BTW. hard mode FTW!!

i love the pistol cool down as well. it makes it more of a challange.

EDIT: after reading more of the comments i realize you know about the steam issue.

you are making this game the right way. as far as not coming out with a half a** piece of sh** and charging people for it. your game is far from that. you could charge for this and people will pay...but i think its smart to take it slow and let the people tell you what they want. you are an awesome Dev and you are making an amazing game! Keep up the good work!

I know - it's stressing me out. I must have done something stupid to break the Steam page. I sent Valve am email; hopefully they can help me out.

I just noticed your edit. Don't worry, I'm glad you took the time to tell me about an issue as soon as you found it!

And thank you! The community feedback from people like yourself has had a huge impact on compound and on me personally.