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20-30 minutes the Demo and 1-1 hour and half the Paid Version. But Chapter III is coming this month to Paid Version so will extended to 2-3 hours on the first play. I will feature this info. Thanks for the feedback and I hope you like it.

Great! Thanks.

Played the demo and I quite enjoyed it! I like hidden object games so that definitely helps. My only remark would be that maybe for a future update it would be better if the flashlight is always on, and you only click on it to turn it OFF. It quickly became tedious to have to click on the flashlight every screen just to go somewhere or examine something you've examined before. It wouldn't make sense for the characters to turn off their flashlight because they move through the game either so always on makes more sense. :)

Definitely purchasing the full game in the future!

The flashlight improvements is done. I will update the DEMO soon with some tweaks also. Thanks for playing!


That's great!! Can't wait to play more, viewers like it too: