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In preparation for release of the new update, I'm doing a few things I've never done before. Some things were way easier than expected, but other things were more complicated than I expected. I'm still aiming for Monday American time but things will probably slip a day or two; hopefully not but I'll give it my best attempt. I've learnt a valuable lesson: saying the most optimistic release date is a bad idea. Next time I'll try to under-promise and over-deliver instead of the other way around.

After it's out I'll be working on a quick mini-update to add some much needed options for locomotion, left handedness, comfort, etc. I'll try to do that as quickly as possible because I want to get back to adding content like new weapons, enemies, maps, etc. It's about time we saw some new weapons and enemy types.

Overall this update took a long time for a number of reasons including a hospital visit and a broken Vive and a few surprises in my personal life but productivity is back up and hopefully that means the updates will come faster, too.

Big thanks to everyone who visits this page all the time and leaves comments, and thanks again for your patience and putting up with the delayed updates.

No problem dude. The game is great and unique. It's better you take your time to make it everything you want it to be.

Done! You'll have to download it here for now as even though I finally got it on Steam, I've managed to break the steam download page somehow and no-one can view it. Thanks for your patience!

awesome dude

Steam version is finally working if you're interested :)