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i want help my brothe… think CREATE GAME MALEDETTO  STORY THIS " 

Shirime"  i think cool creepasty story … 

ooh thennks beuty,I am fascinated by yokays, for a few months I have been creating a current Japanese aesthetic game, Oyuki Ghost, whith this,with that you helped me


you lookl this film :D

bests monsters random in japan hahahah


but love this game amiga … music creepy 8bit beauty and creepy game … this game need remake … search soundtrack this game is wow

You are like me, I love pixels and 8 bits n music, it's fucking art


Re-Animator this other ,,,trasformation in game .. this game big creepy film old 1980

listen music


lovecraft *___* <33 aaan i listen this music ,but I didn't know what it was

love film re animation ..great ..look this old spot italian horror ahah :D