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Sure! Also, I'm pretty sure I've missed out lots of other things but this is most of it:

- Pistol rebalance
* Pistol can overheat
* Pistol has heat indicator to avoid overheating
- Total sewer overhaul
* New rooms types
* Various objects in the room that can be used as cover and add visual flair
* Many cosmetic items attached to the walls to make things look different
* Improved map generation algorithm
* The location of the spawn room in now completely random
* Doors have more cover for better firefights
- Total audio overhaul
* Audio feedback for picking up new magazines
* Enemy soldiers yell when they see you
* Bullets emit sound with doppler effect
* Enemy soldiers have heavy footstep sounds; you can hear them coming
* Robots have engine sounds and emit smoke; you can hear them coming and see them better
* Lots more audio cues to make the player more aware of what is happening around them
- Difficulty options
* Easy mode: Deal double damage
* Easy mode: Get 5 health instead of 3
* Easy mode: Item drops twice as likely
* Normal mode: Same as before
* Hard mode: Bullets move twice as fast
* Hard mode: Item drops half as likely
* Steak!
* Cherry pie!
* Vodka!
- Most objects including dead bodies can be picked up and thrown around
* Picked up objects can be used as a shield (but only once)
- Better splash screen
- Lots more I've probably forgotten!

- Improved instructions
- Enemies (esp. robot) get stuck on corners less
- Removed confusing ambient door opening sound effect
- Made SMG magazine orientation more obvious
- Made it easier to pickup magazine item drops
- Lots more I've probably forgotten or too minor to mention!

What I'm working on now:
- Make critical hits clear to the player
- Items despawn, blink before disappearing
- Enemy A.I. tweaks
- (new bug) The minimap has holes in it sometimes :(
- Small cosmetic tweaks to new room types
- Renderer for left controller sometimes turns itself off
- More realistic booze drinking

Bug fixes:
- Fixed soldiers phasing into walls when kneeling
- Fixed particles effects remaining on weapons after map reset
- SMG reloads on map reset
- Fix being able to teleport out of level in tunnels (some exploits still possible on some roof areas)
- Fix robots going crazy/glitching when driving over dead bodies
- Fix the gap in the soldier's hitbox between their head and chest

Known bugs:
- Some teleport exploits still possible on some roof areas
- Enemy soldiers sometimes play walk animation on the spot after player dies
- Player can still eat hamburgers after death
- Player can still open doors after death
- Bullet sound cuts out if bullet immediately hits something after being fired
- Player can shoot / teleport through walls if they put their hand through objects