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For anyone having difficulty figuring out the fishing ....

Perch and Rockfish tend to go for the jigs and plugs, I have more success with the green and natural than the pinks. My records are Perch 5.3 lbs and Rockfish 31.21 lbs

Tuna and Marlin both go for the squid, pink is best, green if you lose your pink, I don't get much on the natural. My records are Tuna 110.95 lbs and Marlin 1096.72 lbs

Both the Hammerhead and Great White Sharks take the natural plug and at a pinch the natural jig. Haven't had much success with any of the others. My records are Hammerhead 942.67 lbs and Great White 1894.87 lbs

I caught all of these before the heavy lures came out in the recent update, but the heavy lures mean you snap off less.

Every time you leave the beach and come back, the fish reset, so go back and forth until you see what you want to try and catch, and the size of the fish you see determine the weight.