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Slow Game Jam (Day 5)

After spending a day studying example projects from Sparklin Labs, I finalized my project structure and scene hierarchy. Today's main accomplishment was thinking through the technical requirements of the game, which allowed me to organize the programming needs for the rest of the week.

project structure in Superpowers editor

Today's accomplishments:

  • Organized project on GitHub and in Superpowers
  • Created demo tilemap with finalized tile structure
  • Created prefabs for important entities (tilemap, items, characters)
  • Handled player collisions separately between semi-solid platforms and solid tiles
  • Wrote custom collision module for handling collisions with non-solid objects (critical for items and triggers!)
  • Applied custom collision behaviors to human characters and the tunnel exit/entrance trigger

Tomorrow's Goals:

  • Finish the custom collision module to calculate physics points for rects and rotated rects (critical for weapons)
  • Program player-item interactions
  • Program hero behavior
  • Program dragon behavior for combat
  • Upload improved demo to