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Thank you for replying. After re-reading my adventure, I have confirmed the area of my confusion. You see, when Valerie stumbles upon the opportunity to speak with Luke's grandmother, she mentions that since all of her grandparents passed away before her birth, she doesn't know how to address the elderly. However, at the end of the story when she's packing her belongings for the month-long holidays, she informs us that she is going over to her grandparents' house. The reason I'm confused is that this implies at least one of her grandparents are alive when the opposite has been stated. And from reading over the version of the story I played, no other indications are provided over why she would visit a place owned by her grandparents.

It's a small detail to be sure, but one I just happened to pick up none-the-less. I don't think it has any real affect on the story itself, which is still pretty amazing.

Also, just to let you know, I've noticed a couple of minor misspellings in the text here or there. I don't think that they impede anyone's experience considering how only someone going out of their way to study the text would probably notice. Most of the time with these kinds of stories, I find that nobody really slows down long enough to notice the mistakes as they are too busy devouring the contents and impressions of the text itself. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to fix some of them. Most of it is just a single letter failing to enter a word or forgetting to add an 's' to the end of a word describing an action. I did notice a couple of places, such as when Valerie hugs Luke to console him, where the author of the text accidentally switched to a past-tense wording. Words such as "wouldn't" or "couldn't" showed up when "won't" or "can't" are more appropriate. If a reader were to notice anything out-of-place, it would probably be when Valerie and Aaron meet up in the hallway to go over the email together. Instead of writing "...and wait for him to approach me." I believe the author typed "...and wait for him to approach him." However, as I've mentioned, most readers likely wouldn't have noticed the error for longer than a second, if at all. Your story is truly beautiful and serves to engage the reader in such a manner as to distract from any flaws the story or technicalities happen to have.

For that, every single one of you who worked on the game should be proud.

P.S. - the only reason why I happen to have noticed any of the details mentioned above is because of the kind of reader I happen to be. My mind just notices the little things when it comes to text probably because I am an avid writer myself and wish to eventually serve as a professional editor for other aspiring writers possessing more talent than myself. Either way, thank you for taking time out of your day to hear my opinion and showing that you are passionate about this project both during and after its release. Your efforts really have been worth it and I hope that more people have an opportunity to witness this fruit of your labour. Please continue developing games and experiences as wonderful as this one has been.

Hello! Thank you very much for replying :D

Ooohhh yes, I believe someone in the comments have previously mentioned that as well. That was definitely not intended. The house she left for was supposed to be the house her parents left her after their deaths (which, because of her mom's rather recent death, she still doesn't feel like the house is hers but her parents). It was supposed to be a subtle way of suggesting how she misses her parents/mother in particular, but I messed up, and it became a hilarious epic fail instead. OTL I'll find time to fix that and re-upload after we are done with NaNo!

Thank you so much for pointing out the other errors as well! I can't believe we didn't catch them >_< Haha. Super sorry for the oversight! I'll try and fix them as soon as possible ^^

Anyways, thank you so much for all the kind words ;o; You're too nice. We should thank you for playing our game and taking the time to let us know your thoughts and help us improve the script and fix errors! It makes us really happy to know that you appreciate our work :"D We will definitely continue developing games :D If everything goes well, we should have another way out in just a few days! ;)

Again, thank you very much! Your compliments mean so much to us as new developers who are still unsure of our work.