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Hi again! I see your wall of text and raise you my own wall of text!

Thanks for the huge feedback. I pretty my agree with everything you've said. There is a lot here so I talk about each point, one at a time:

-Robots deal to much damage at close range (they are fine at medium to long range though, but it's kind of hard to shoot their side cameras)

Duly noted! The original idea was to not let them get close in the first place, but the map out layout made that hard. The spaces are slightly more open in the upcoming version, and the doors are different, so again it might be easier to keep your distance. I'll have to tweak and balance things as I go.

-Not enough hamblurgers (I fondly remember being super lucky on a run and getting two hamblurgers in one game)

The upcoming version has difficulty settings, and these affect drop rates. Again, might need tweaking, though.

-Rooms seem pretty boring (I heard this is getting fixed in the next update)

Fixed! Can't wait to show them off

-Soundtrack... Every once in a while there is this sound in the soundtrack and it sounds like a door swinging or something, and it makes me really paranoid that there is an enemy sneaking around me and opening the doors or something like that

It's a randomly playing ambient sound, but yeah, this was a bad design choice on my part. I fixed this, too.

-Music, currently only one of the musics from speedBlack are in the game right now

There will be a different track for each floor of the game. The current version has you playing the first level over and over, but later you will progress through different environments with different music. The new update is actually done - I just have to do some tweaking and other chores before I can release it but once it's out I'll get to work on the next floor of the compound.

-SMG, the smg should really deal more damage to robots, it's almost impossible to hit their cameras with it.

The SMG is supposed to be a spray and pray close combat weapon and is intentionally crap at anything other than medium-close range. There are only 2 weapons in the game now, but soon I'll add more accurate types of weapons, explosive weapons, grenades, etc. and it should fit into its niche a bit better in the weapon loadout. All the weapons are bound to get all sorts of buffs and debuffs as I go along until I find a good balance.

-Pistol, the only nerf I think the pistol actually needs is just a bit less firing speed, the infinite clip is fine to me, but the button spam gets a bit annoying to use, and the spam is the only reason that it's overpowered.

I agree. I was thinking of a overheating mechanic or something to limit the spamming. Haven't done this yet.

-Teleporting, it's just awful, I tried to do a teleportation challenge once, it did not work out.

Yeah I had been neglecting teleport. It' s much better with cover and more open doorways, now. I played a few rounds teleport only and it seemed to go OK.

-Locomotion system, it may be super cool, but when I first started playing this game I felt like I was going to throw up afterwards, but after using the locomotion for a while I no longer feel like I may decorate my room with the hamblurger I just ate

I won't be changing this but I will add alternative options later (e.g. 'onward' style). Artificial locomotion is just something some have no problem with, others are OK once they get used to it, and it seems there is a fairly large group of the community who never gets used to it. That's why I believe there should be a range of options so people can choose to play in the way that's most comfortable to them. My problem is that I just forget to playtest teleportation. Should be better now, though.

-Soldiers, the soldiers are way too sneaky, but it seems like there is going to be footsteps in a future update so that won't be a problem anymore

Definitely. But this has been fixed - now when they see you they yell out, and they have heavy footstep sounds to let you know if they are walking around the corner. Also, bullets emit their own sound so it you a quick enough you can dodge them from the sound alone. Robots also emit smoke from their pipes and the rattling of their engines are audible enough you can hear them behind doors and thin walls.

-Steam, NotDead said he would move this game to steam, that might be good, but it would make it harder to communicate with him, maybe a new Subreddit might be in order?

I was just putting together the steam page today. dont worry, I won't abandon just yet, though! I will keep both updated.

-Hamblurgers again, a recent post says that the Hamblurger might not be made with real meat/food, I find it unsettling to eat something that I don't know the contents of. (this statement is obviously a joke, but maybe a secret ingredients list could be found on a crate or something as a little easter egg.)

Who knows!? Only the evil masterminds at The Corporation!! They will never reveal their secret recipe!

You are right about the movement system being not entirely original. It's very similar to the movement system from Vertigo (great game BTW!) I subscribed to your YT channel BTW - look forward to seeing more videos. About money - TBH I do plan to make a paid-for version of compound eventually, but that's a while away from now once it is more mature, and there will always be a free version to download and play without DRM.

Anyway, wall of text over. Thanks again and goodnight (day?) to you too!

Added overheating to the pistol just now!