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for some reason i can no longer play the game, idk y, all ive been able to figure out is it seems to most likely b a problem on my end, but nothing shouldve changed, i played the game fine to the water spirits lost, grinded a lil closed it down for the night and went to continue a few days later which is just 30 min ago, but i go to continue load my save and just after loading it just shuts down as the ... scene and text comes into focus after creating my character, but the "game.exe" is still running in the background in my processes in task manager, ive deleted the game, re-extracted it to start all over and same thing all over again, tried downloading the december version and thats when i got the furthest, was finished talking with the lady of the inn about to get to the door and same thing, so probably mostly the game but dont know how with game or my pc and i have great pc so not to do with how well its running, i just know 1 of either is glitching for some reason, ig ill try again 1 last time after reseting my pc, ill let uk if it didnt make a difference :( nope same thing, i deleted ur games and then reset and then redownloaded and same thing >.< :(