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When's the release date?


Last time there was an update they said it was being post poned till may because of the virus but it's now June.... So no idea at this point


sigh... Well all we have to do is wait


Hi there, we have had a lot of issues in our personal lives as a result of the virus and some of us are financially struggling at the moment. We are trying to get ourselves in a better place mentally and physically. At this point, I will be posting another update when we are 100% ready to release the side game. What's holding us back right now, as I said previously, one of the people helping me is struggling with their living situation. Unfortunately, real life comes first and we have to be secure before we can focus on 1st Degree. I've underestimated how much we have been affected, which I apologize to all of you for. Some things are unforeseeable. Please note though that we just need some lines recut and coded, which shouldn't take long. So, you can expect an update in a few weeks with the FINAL release date.