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Really enjoyed the demo! Some good art and some GREAT bold colour choices. Each bit of text was interesting enough in itself that it made me want to read more! I really like (and most importantly am interested) the world. I said a little "ooo" out loud to nobody when I saw a giant robot head in the distance on one of the screens.

The music was also very calming and moody which is good for reading but I do hope there's a lot more musical variation in the final release. I also hope a mobile version of this eventually gets released because its definitely my preferred format for menu based adventure games like this. Although you have 'minigames' listed as a future feature so I guess it could also depend on whether they would translate to tablet.

I'm hyped and am now following on tumblr.

PS. When leaving the video shop it says "go outise" instead of go outside

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Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback! There will definitely be more musical variation, and audio variation in general (sound effects, etc), in the final release.

I've been experimenting with mobile support. I'm encountering a few issues that I plan on addressing in time for the final release. As far as larger tablets, I haven't tested, but the browser version may behave well?

Good catch on that typo (another thing I'd like for the final release: a copy editor).

Again, thank you for your helpful feedback. I'll be considering it as I move forward!