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realmente me encanta esta vs, es supero genial y gracioso las conversaciones de los personajes, me parece muy lindo rask, es muy inocente y es una manera interesantes de ver un protagonista con inseguridad, pero solo diré que aveces deberías justificar lo que piensa el protagonista y lo que dice porque aveces me confundo pero en el resto esta bien, todo el tema de las pequeñas animaciones como el parpadeo de los personas y el movimiento de cosas como las gotas de sudor o lagrimas es lo mas innovador que he visto en una VS, sigue asi ya no puedo esperar para ver que mas le depara al protagonista

9w9 *copy paste to google translate*
Thanks >wO/

a ok sorry i have the page transleted to spanish lol xd

I really love this vs, it is super cool and funny the conversations of the characters, I find it very nice rask, it is very innocent and it is an interesting way to see a protagonist with insecurity, but I will only say that sometimes you should justify what the protagonist thinks and what it says because sometimes I get confused but the rest is fine, the whole theme of small animations like the blinking of people and the movement of things like drops of sweat or tears is the most innovative thing I've seen in a VS Keep it up I can't wait to see what else the protagonist has in store

but if your original language is english why maccon sometimes talk in spanish? (because he is mexican?, for what i see where the game happen is a place where the mexican,american and japanese colture coexist,correct me if i'm bad though :v)

Yes \ .3./ it's a mixed culture school. But more english /.3./ since... I don't know how to speak japanese and Mexican lol :V

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a ok, i was asking because i think you only were translated everything for google translate xd sorry, but i wan a ask something too, why in the version 9.0 only you can make the jhon route? (because you only can go to the right so you can't meet rask or maccon so...that is a programming error o you disabled for a  change later?, i don't now very much of program but a little thing  know, my english is not very good sorry xd, and too for the many questiongs :v)

sprite errors, too many sprite errors.

other things I would like to know where I can read the dev log (to find out what's new in the different routes)