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First of all sorry for the late reply. I installed the game in opt folder itself


sudo unzip /home/$(whoami)/Downloads/PC\ Building\ -d /opt/PC\ Building\ Simulator

sudo chmod 755 /opt/PC\ Building\ Simulator/Linux/PC\ Building\ Simulator\.*

printf "[Desktop Entry]\nName=PC Building Simulator\nComment=3D simulation of building PCs\nExec=\"/opt/PC Building Simulator/Linux/PC Building Simulator.$( arch )\"\nIcon=/opt/PC Building Simulator/Linux/PC Building Simulator_Data/Resources/UnityPlayer.png\nTerminal=false\nType=Application\nCategories=Game\nKeywords=simulation\n" | sudo tee /usr/share/applications/pc-building-simulator.desktop >/dev/null

sudo chmod 755 /usr/share/applications/pc-building-simulator.desktop


it installed everything in the opt folder and I am able to launch the pc builiding simulator window from laucher it self. But still when I click ok nothing is happening. It just exist the window

It means you get this:, right?
In that case: Good news, you installed it successfully. If that screen appears, it means you could run the binary.

Now that the binary quits after you click "Ok", that's something you need to ask the developer about. I only made sure you could launch the binary.