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Um.. what if the OS is mac? I tried your suggestion, but it hasn't worked. Maybe a video showing this may help. Thank you my good sir.

Can you post a screenshot of your server list in the launcher? Also of your server's settings tab? That should help diagnose the issue.

Sorry for being such a noob on the forums, I have the pics, but I don't know how to post them onto the forums. I tried making the server code or address 127.0.01:4237, the main port 4237, and the build port 4238. Thanks for the help my good sir.

You can upload them to http://imgur.com or any other services and post the link here.

http://imgur.com/a/9Mznz here it is. This is what I put. Thanks.

Whoops, it's actually http://imgur.com/gallery/9Mznz/new

Everything looks good except for the fact that your server isn't running. Did you uncheck the "Auto-start server on startup" checkbox on purpose? If so, you need to click on "Start".


Thank you so much man, you're the real MVP.