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You've added and changed so much to this game from what it was even in the first and third versions making it so much better. Those are the two versions that I tried but barely tried it again with the ninth version and it's such a big jump of improvement. I just wanted so say to Toolkits that everything you have done to this game has made it funner and easier to get into. At the rate that your improving this game the full version seems like it's going to be amazing. Just there is still the problem with the size of the game window that puts the text behind the task bar but other than that your doing a fantastic job of improving your game.

I'm going to be honest, I didn't thought anyone was going to come back to this game due to it being a mere playtest version, but I'm am so happy that you have. I'm happy to know that the improvements to the game are satisfactory and people are enjoying it because it is coming close to the planned public version. Thanks for the kind words.

As for the issue of the window screen, I have gotten complaints about it. I can't change the resolution at this point unless I do an overhaul of the entire game, so instead I'm going to give the option to allow the window to be full screen and to resize the game window. Hopefully that should fix it to those whose game goes over the screen.

Once again, thanks for the compilment on the game.