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I loved this game! Very intriguing and interesting!! Cannot wait for more!

1. Did you enjoy it overall?

Ohmygod, YES! Is that even a question?

2. What was your favorite part?

The mansion was definitely intriguing but I did like the battles the most. Especially the training ones with Natalia and Siegfried!

3. There are a lot of comedic moments, but was the drama included in a way that was able to put the comedy aside, or did it just seem an odd jump from comedy?

I loved the comedy, drama, romance, all of it together! It fit well and I don't think it could've been done better.

4. Who is your favorite character?

Mari, was her name? She was so quiet and nice, I loved her

5. Who did you start to romance? Did you find it difficult romancing the person you wanted?

Natalia, obviously. No, I didn't find it difficult. It was put together quite well. ^-^

Haha 'obviously' xD I'm glad you liked Natalia! She's a sort of different character for me to write, so it's always interesting seeing what she says next xD I'm also happy to hear you like Mari! I don't hear much about her, but she is a sweetie. Thank you for playing, and I hope you like chapter 3!