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Hello, I love this game but I have a problem with it. In order to progress you have to fight the monster at the foggy crossroads. I spent nearly twenty minutes trying to find this monster before giving up and looking up the solution. If there is a hint in the game that tells you what to do, I didn't find it. As it is I was left scratching my head, getting bored and frustrated and wondering what I was doing wrong. It seems to me like the solution is counter-intuitive and should be hinted at. Maybe change the appearance of the crossroads when the player makes a correct directional choice? Overall it's a minor complaint, you do an amazing job and please keep doing what you do!

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This is exactly my current experience. Haven't looked up the answer yet, but I'm running out of things to try blindly.

EDIT: Found the solution on the previous screen. Super vague and unclear, but it is there.


its actually very obvious that the statues are pointing directions and theyre for something


Obviously not to everyone.