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I made this account just to specifically tell you how I feel about your development on fly like a bird 3. 

Ever since you started changing everything on this game, you have only made it worse. Terrible model changes, your graphics are way much more terrible then a camera recording a ghost video. Your models for lif are unbearably ugly and disgusting. The hell did you do to the animations? They are terrible and that pigeon flying animation is truly awful, you can't even make it loop right. I don't care if you get offended. Because Kouga you're a sentimental baby that takes everything as an insult. Your development with gamevial's game are a waste, you are incapable of doing this. You need to stop, hire someome or just quit. Because if you think you're doing a good job, you're not.


Thank you for your feedback.

I will have to let you know that lif wasn't changed at all.
Same goes for Fly Like A Bird 3, most models and animations are fully untouched and
are just about the same as the old games.

As for your personal-grade insult; What's your problem? Got your ass handed to you last night?


Oh I don't know what my problem could be. Maybe it's because what you added in this update made the game worse. Nobody will play that shit. And the sounds to "scare" the hackers make me laugh lmfaooo

You know volume buttons exist right? Plus there are rarely any hackers in the game. The model pics from lif you shared are terrible. Oh w olfquest is worse than your games? Dude, you're roasting yourself by saying that.


dude if u don't like it, shut up and dont play it

ripping off about the game just cos u think its not good enough just makes u look pathetic to everyone else who sees these comments, plus its not gonna make the game any better

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You seem to think the sounds are the only thing happening ~ Well, who am I to destroy that illusion.

About the pics; That's your personal opinion. Who am I to deny you that.
Know mine? You sir, have the bad habit of thinking your view is absolute. Others might think differently. Your choice of words tells me you think it *is* just as you say; which isn't neccessarily the case. 

If you're that hellbent on being right in real-life too, I wish you have very tolerant friends. Though I tend to think there may be very few; one so frustrated might take it out on others too.