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Ouch! Pretty harsh, but you have some valid points worth addressing.

First, please know that this game is a response to the majority of VR games on the market now that are very 'casual.' Some of my favourite games can be classified as casual, but at the same time I wanted to play something targeted at 'hardcore' gamers and nothing like that really existed so I started this project. That being said, game balancing is hard and this is still a prototype. Some things are going to change. Let's go over some of your feedback:

- enemies have 0 second reaction time

I can see how you would think that as the reaction times are short. The soldiers have to face you and raise their arms up to you before they can start shooting. The robots have an even longer reaction time of 1.5 seconds of their first time seeing you, and about half that on subsequent times. I have difficulty setting implemented in my dev build but at the moment easy difficulty just gives you more health (5 hearts instead of 3). Increased reaction times have been added to my TODO list for easy mode.

- enemies have perfect aim

Robots have perfect aim but the humans actually have poor, randomized aim. Bullet also move slowly so you can dodge them. (For those players who wanted an ever harder version: bullets in hard mode move at double speed!)

- enemies have a lot of health

Robots have A LOT of health, true. But! Shooting them in the cameras deals TRIPLE damage and they will do down in about 5 shots. Soldiers will die with one shot to the head. I may make robots weaker for easy mode.

- the smg takes too long to reload to be useful

This is a subjective thing so I cannot say that you are wrong, however; with practice my friends, my wife, and I are all able to reload in battle without needing to look, provided you play the game for a while to get the muscle memory for it.

- health doesn't spawn nearly as often as smg ammo, which I don't use anyway

Fair enough. Easy mode will also add more pickups. On the same note, hard mode will make drops less common.

- there's almost no cover

True! This is an issue in the currently available public build but the new version I'm about to release has cover all over the place. Hopefully this will be an improvement.

- dying means starting all over

Correct! This game will be a permadeath roguelike, eventually. Unfortunately it lacks a lot of the other roguelike elements so at the moment it might seem very harsh.

- chaparone doesn't seem to work in this game

Really? That sounds like a bug, I've never heard of this happening on anyone else's system. What HMD are you using? I would like to fix that issue as it sounds game-breaking.

- Adding walkabout locomotion might be nice too.

Artificial locomotion works with the grip controllers, and other movement options will come in an update (onward style controls + configurable buttons)

Maybe try again after the next update?