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I maded some tests with tridef3D and its very great,maybe if her ass were a little more big,a little,it can be perfect for VR,overall is great,some effects of are better like Edge,because with edge we doesnt see the 3Ddepth on boobs and some others parts...also when she is standing and shows the back on final sex scene (anal) its weird,her vagina appears to be big,so only you testing to notice...but its my comments for an future update if you get VR.

Another great thing: on table sex scene i feel myself penetrating she,its amazing ^_^

Click on my comment,i put a link there with img

Wow! How cool! Thanks for sharing this :)

It does give me a better idea of what needs to be changed if I ever use VR for my games. I think until I have my own headset, I won't feel comfortable developing for VR because there are so many nuances I would want to polish myself that would be hard to pinpoint through text and bug reports from others.

P.S. I edited your comment to look less like spam at a glance ;p