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Wouldn't it just be easier to package this app up in a Debian package?

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Yes, it would be. I haven't made a .deb in ages. The main problem here is that I'm not going to do that for every release. This really is something the person who releases the binaries needs to do. The script is a stop-gap solution until the developer makes the debs himself. The script will work as long as the basic structure of the zip doesn't change.

I did ponder making a downloader (like the flash-plugin and several others), but in that case you need a stable URL to download from. It isn't exactly clear what URL that might be. If you look at the URL you get when you download the game (for Linux), I get something like this (I modified it, so it actually is unusable):

As you see it contains even an expiry timestamp. You cannot use that for an installer-type .deb.