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No no. There's nothing wrong with making the game like you did. You work with what you have, and that's fine. The humorous bit was trying to play a game that's achieving new popularity, but not owning that same game, yet playing for an hour without realizing I hadn't gotten the right game. The humor and confusion that ensued from buying the game is no fault of yours, the game maker. You did a thing and wanted it shown. Cool. It just has the exact same name as a different game that many of my friends play. As a result, I followed a link which searches sites for games I want, and decided that your game was the same. If you want a legit review of your game, here you go...

You could've spent a bit more time on the controls. Movement isn't very smooth. A menu or way of exiting the game might be swell too. I had to cntl+alt+delete to get out. The visuals weren't cohesive, but that's not a huge problem, and not one you should be worrying about at this stage. Kind of like sound balance. Those are things you can care about when you're doing big projects. Instead, you should focus on functionality. Movement, animation, and controls. Make sure these are working to help you tell your story. A few animations happened too quickly for me to realize they happened at all. And I spent a second wondering what happened. Studying the principles of Animation may help. But overall, you built a decent level. Keep plucking away at it.