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Hi, Toolkitz!!!

Thank you for reading and enjoying my poor review .I don't know what I should start with... Hmmm, think (how to think?)... In fact I played once more the 0.6 version of the game and the game wasn't freezing at all, but I just couldn't see the writing (same problem as "SPUDCATS"). I just had to click until the dialog disappeard and, after that, to press a key which will be used for transforming. After I tried the 0.7 version of the game on another desktop, I realized what the problem was. About the " shadow in Main Menu " I was right. It was Ectos... And yes, I fought with several enemies. The battle system surprised me and I love the fact that I can move freely on battle mode, dodging the enemies pretty easy. Your game is well-thought and, sincerely, I have never played such an ingenious platformer game. Good job. I was wondering… do you use "Game Maker Studio?" In the first fight, I didn't see where the life indicator is displayed. But it looks like Lexi represents the life indicator and when she's attacked, pixels from her body are stolen by the enemies. Wait... I'm going to play this game right now. The fact that I must point the mouse on the enemy in order to attack seems perfect to me. I must pay attention to the enemy's attack and to the fact that I must dodge the attack, and I also must pay attention at the cursor. Don't change the combat system. You could upgrade it though, but don't change it.It's wonderful. It's fun and the fact that you must jump and then jump again and attack reminds me of another RPG. I was thinking if you could introduce a skill-tree where, after each fight, Lexi will earn a point/exp. Lexi will use the point/exp to upgrade the attack, the jump height etc.It sounds interesting to me and I really want to see this at least in a build version, to see how it is and if it's good enough, keep it. The game can't live without "options" section where you could also add "controls" and let the player choose for himself. But the control must be *Default* and if he/she wants to change it, then okay. And by "default" I mean Up-W, Down-S, Left-A, Right-D, Transform-E and so on. This could be a noticeable change. I think that many improvements could be done, no heart feelings. But with this game you chould make a name for yourself (or even make some cash dude). As a non-experienced game tester I swear that I will be here so you can send me improved versions of the game and tell you what could possibly be changed.
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Wow. Thank you for the kind words. Considering this is only a "playtest" version (an improved demo for the public will be release later), it is really nice that you like what I have so far.

To answer a few questions: Yes, I used Game Maker Studio Professional to make this game. The game will have you upgrade your character and pixel eater to include a bigger area to for your pixel eater and faster pixel eating. However, I want to make an upgrade system like Zelda, where instead of EXP, you have to do sidequest and find items to upgrade. As for the problem of not being able to read the dialogue, is it not showing in the screen or is the window not big enough?

Once again, thank you for everything. This really helps me to create the best possible game I can make.

I also sent you a friend requiest on FaceBook.

Nice to hear that. An upgrade system same as Zelda's sounds perfect to me. About the problem with the dialogues I think the window is too big. If you could make it smaller or at least make it full screen would help me a lot. You can text me whenever you want on facebook and I will answer. By the way, at first you asked if I have a PayPal account. Here's my email adress: Best wishes...

Thanks for responding. I was wondering about the screen issue and looks like I finally figured it out. I don't think I can shrink the window but perhaps I'll make an option to make it full screen.

I will send you money on PayPal but it will take a few hours to transact because PayPal is giving me a few problems but I will send you a message when the money is sent. Thanks once again for all your help.