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Just played Splinter Zone after some days of vacation and computer-free time. And it still is fun! :)

What I like:
More enemy types. More levels and unexpected turns (I dropped into a pit and below it was more of the level), awesome idea! Also the "being exhausted"-animation is cool.

What I don't like:
For me the game is still challenging, but I'm not sure how it might be, if I know all the different levels... it will still take some time to get to know the ememy spots, the difficult places and more, but I'm not sure if the "oh, just one more time"-feeling will stick. I hope it does. Same applies for the music. Maybe additional songs (each per "level" type) would be sufficient?

What could be improved:
  • You said, that you will work on the menus. Maybe you can add another option called "Enemy gallery"; where you can see every enemy with it's name and his animation?
  • I like the trainer-menu, maybe you can implement it forever, but it only opens up, if the left button on the game pad is pushed at the start. Or it will open, when you do the Konami-Code in the menu ( And if you want to stick to a true hacker-demo from the Amiga, two things might be help "credibility" > Move the cursor with the mouse and exit the hacker-demo with a right click of the mouse. This was, how most of the hacker-demos on Amiga worked (at least the ones I know).
  • If there is an "unwanted" option-set (I do not know, if there is), which might break the game, use it as an option to create a "TILT"-screen, which is shown as soon as you select these options.
  • When you enter a boss-stage, there is always a short amount of time, where I wait for the boss-fight to start. I guess this is a valid setting, that it takes a little time. However to make the player a little bit more aware, how about to words, which appear during that "waiting time". The first one is the name of the boss, and then the word FIGHT and then it starts.
  • Not sure if this is difficult, but maybe some more "movement" in the background (turning fans, "thick things" moving through pipes... like they do in the cartoons). It would give the game a more polished look and not everything that moves has to be an enemy. :)
As always, these are just some ideas, I will not be sad / angry if you don't implement them. :D

You mention a lot of good stuff. I'll definitely try and put some more moving stuff into the backgrounds and also thanks for remidning me that there are still no boss intros.

I don't really want to hide the cheat menu, because that would defeat its purpose as an accessibility option. I want people to immediately have access to it and not have to know some arcane process in order to access it. Doesn't mean your suggestion is bad, it just doesn't fit what I need.

More music would be nice, but I'm out of money for this. Having different tracks for different stages would also break the flow a bit, because of the length of each stage. Unless of course you layer it in such a way that there's a seemless transition between each track, but doing this is hard.

There's an enemy gallery in the game, but you have to find (which is currently impossible, but will be possible once the game is done).

Sorry if I sound a bit exhausted, I really appreciate your feedback. This menu is taking longer than expected and it feels like the work just keeps piling on without ever stopping. I hope to have an update ready until Tuesday, with a new menu, and maybe something else.


thanks for the feedback! No worries, as I said: All just ideas, no "must haves" from my side, the game is fun and works. Your statements about the cheat menu and the music makes total sense. And I know from (non-game-related) programming projects, that there is always "more you want to implement". Take your time, happy to see the update in the next days and I will play it and try to find bugs. :D

Have a great Sunday evening

by the way:

Going to see what else I can animate now that I figured out to how to switch between different background tiles. Would like to add waterfalls to the waterlevels, but this might be a bit more complex.

Nice, as expected!