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yeah, I didn't include any instructions initially because I didn't really think anyone running Linux would have any problems. A script would be the bee's knees :)

Working on it.

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Sorry for using DropBox (you don't need an account to download it). It's probably the easiest way, unless there is some kind of repository for this project. Anyway, the script is rather quick and dirty, but should support both root (system-wide) and user-based (local) installation. I have only tested it on Ubuntu 16.04, but the "supported" string also includes 14.04 because I wanted to show the syntax. That does not mean it worked, or that I tested it on Ubuntu 14.04.

Anyway, if you do download the script understand:

  • You should never run scripts you do not trust or understand, especially not as root.
  • It assumes a bunch of installed tools, like "unzip", "lsb_release" and many others. It might not run on the distro of your choice.
  • I tried to write it for the default Ubuntu shell, which is dash and should be POSIX compliant. Should... No guarantees. I am but human, and while I tested, I tested just superficially.
  • Keep in mind that the script itself must get the executable permission. Alternatively, you can run it by writing "sh install-pcsb [...]" where [...] are the parameters.
  • There are three parameters. All are optional, but if you specify no parameters, a system-wide installation is presumed and you better use sudo (or run as root)
    • --source to specify where the downloaded zip file is
    • --target to which directory this zipfile must be unzipped. This target needs to exist and you need to have write permissions on it-
    • --force Skip the "supported OS" feature. This is mostly for people wanting to try it on other distributions (at their own risk, and I won't give support

Good luck.

Download link:

Legend :P I'll chuck them in my installation post with your warnings.