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Hi Big Bad Studios, I've tried playing the game, however I had some issues with continuing from the first location. I am on windows 8: I have only managed to select an answer to the first question in the bar, after that I cannot click on the arrow to proceed because it is blocked by the options used to answer the question. I like that the game gives possible real life scenarios and makes learning fun. Waiting for the next update with bated breath!

Gah! Thanks for telling us Patchua. Changing screen resolution might help?

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Hey guys! I have the same issue. It does seem like a resolution/scaling/UI-element-anchoring problem, but the Unity settings dialogue only gives me an option for my native resolution (1440x900) and a windowed checkbox. I even tried manually editing the playerprefs plist, but that wasn't effecting the resolution.
Anyways, the few minute I did play seemed promising!! I'm super fixated on the potential for language learning through games, so I'm excited to see where this project goes! Looks great so far. :)