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Good Concept, Bad Game.

Could you please elaborate on some aspects of the game, more feedback would be appreciated!

The Animation doesn't look Fluid, The Controls are rare (Normally, when you play with Keyboard the Second Player plays with the Arrows and the Numeral Keys), When i use the ''Dash'' key the Player comes out of the Map. And is Easy to Beat, If you can add a thing to make the Gameplay more Big you can add this.. The Souls or Gods or What they are only Damages between them, And then Down the other Soul Life and if the other Player destroy the Soul, The Game ends.

Thank you for your feedback! We are currently fixing the dodging and will be fine tuning the keyboard controls. Initially the game was made purely for thecontroller due to the 48 hour time crunch of the game jam. New mechanics will be added to the game for variety and replay ability.

Do you have an email, twiiter or website where people can leave feedback?

you can leave feedback here or at my personal email: we hope to have a new build ready in around a week and a half. Thanks for the comment!