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How much can I pay to have you make this multiplayer? I would love to play it with my quarantine friends.
Allow us to make donations on the store page too!

oh wow! I've never had anyone ask to give money before haha. I really want to set up multiplayer but I'm still learning the ropes with Unity and VR, and mixing multiplayer and VR together sounds a little difficult.  I've considered adding donations but I haven't figured out how to / gotten around to doing it. Once again though, thank you !

How did u make BrastinOS, Java?

Yeah, I made it in processing. It's probably not the best thing for it but its something I'm super familiar with so its much faster than learning something new



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Please link a tutorial


A tutorial for what exactly? Processing? If so look up daniel shiffman on youtube,  he's got some great processing tutorials

Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough, I meant a tutorial for the shell.

I made this myself and didn't use a tutorial. I don't think there are any tutorials for this sort of thing since its so obscure, but I suggest trying to get a basic window environment working first if you want to work towards an operating system shell.