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I'm pretty sure I visited everyone in the town twice.

You have to sleep twice perhaps you are at the point you need to take another rest? I don't think you will have broke the game. Also, there is food parcels left over for you.

Cool, I will try to sleep again and see how that goes.  Thanks! 

Well, I talked to all the beds and I couldn't go to sleep. Any other ideas? D:

Maybe you already got to the part where you can go deeper into the mine ? I will investigate further for you. Give me some time but check the mine entrance while I do that...

Ok, so I am about to play through to find where you possibly are in the game. But I think possibly you are before the basement quest? And need to go to the tavern? Also, you need to go to the tavern twice in the game.
Hope that helps for now and I will continue to try and work this out for you.

If you have more than 12 packages you deffo need to go to the tavern and do the quest.

I have six food parcels.  Both the tavern girl and the foreman are asking me if I've fed everyone but I have already visited everyone in town twice. I can't get into the mine yet.

Have you cleared the tavern basement?

Is there a basement in the tavern?! Um… let me go see if I can find it?

AHA! I … accidentally didn't get all the food parcels from the farmer? I thought I'd gotten enough, but apparently you need to empty the box even if you feed everyone and have extra left over for yourself.