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will not seem to open, just stays on the title screen and when i click anything it doesnt do anything, but the music still plays. (linux mint)

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Hi there. Did you see the progress bar? Or load % increase? Remember you need linux 64-bit and 8 gb Ram. I tested on ubuntu and it works fine. Make sure to click on the Level01 button (once) when you see the Ship in the background. The progress bar and % will start counting up after a while, then when it reaches 100% (full progress bar is shown in orange), it will say Done Loading, followed by Activation, which can take 10-30 seconds before the game starts. I tested on my HP Probook 4540s running Ubuntu Linux (64-bit) as well and it works fine. Perhaps you did not click on the Level01 button or linux mint has an issue?

Try version 1.11.23 again please and report back.