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If you have worked in a animation studio that has worked around making rituals and bringing cartoons to life, it might be in your best interest to not get yourself involved. Unless you want to get killed by your own drawings! I wanted to play this game weeks ago when it first came out but was unable to since was under the weather, but after everything got better this was definitely a game that was top on my list. Old nostalgia and cartoon type games are always a interesting topic and intake in a game, specially when you also decide to add in a horror aspect to the game! The game itself is really fluid when you walk around which is super nice, the narrations that go with it are really nice, not too dark, not too bright, and the detail in the game makes it like you are really there. Definitely supporting the game and hope anyone out there spreads this game out if they enjoy it~!

Does playing a horror game help with getting over a cold? Well I did and helped quiet a bit when I played it. ;)