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One of my favorite vr games, honestly it is

Thanks for the video! Sorry about the dudes clipping into the walls; should be fixed by the next update. BTW, if you are having trouble with the robots: shoot their side cameras for triple damage! They go down pretty quickly.

Looking at your video makes me realize how much my version of the game has changed since the last release. The levels aren't repetitive like this anymore - I'm aiming to release the next version the weekend after this upcoming one.

Thank you!

Haha, my pleasure! I had a blast making the video. Ohhhh, so that's their sweet spot- got it! Haha, so awesome, I can't wait to try it out! I loved the Wolfenstein vibe, and how you at the same time created something original with a lot of charm. Funny enough though, I remembered playing halo 1's multiplayer on like that prisoner map during my play through. It'd be way cool being able to play this with basic pvp! haha. Thanks for the awesome game, can't wait to try out the update!