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This game is phenomenal. Literally the best game I've played in VR so far. Any hints as to what will be in the next update?

Thank you!!

The update is coming very soon! All I need to do now is add the long promised difficulty settings, enemy footstep and aggro sounds, do a few housekeeping tasks, and squash 7 bugs.

The sewer maps have had a total overhaul and are pretty much done for now. Once the current update is finished, I'll start work on the next level with new enemies and weapons to play with. :D

Awesome! Looking forward to it!

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YES! I want new levels. You should consider and easy make your own level thing where we snap together rooms and have a list of furnitures and asthetics, npcs.. etc to add to each room chunk, I could see awomse levels being made and that would help you out too cause ppl would essentially make levels for you so the game would always be interesting. Either way this game is still amazing and looking forward to update keep us posted.