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I've been trying to invent metagames to make the game more interesting since this is still one of my favorite VR games. I've tried crawling through the map. I've stayed in one place and did nothing but dodge the shots from 3 dudes (man my legs were sore the next day!) My favorite thing to do so far is to walk up behind enemies that haven't spotted me and reach out with my hands and pretend to snap their neck. Try it sometime, it's lots of fun! Consider adding it to the game :)

OK, I added neck snapping to my list of game mechanics to investigate! Sorry updates have been slow, my Vive broke, was in hospital (unrelated events, not a VR accident!) - all sorts of various dramas but the update is nearly done. Also - Steam integration!

Oh man, hope you're ok! Your username is very accurate! I can't wait for the next release :D

Your awsome dood, this game is amazing and wish you the best.