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Ammo, Reloading, and UI

Systems are starting to come together! This morning I finally got around to implementing ammo. Up until now I've just had inifinite ammo. Also, part of the UI is now functional, specifically the rounded bar on the cross-hairs (which represents what percent of your ammo is left) and the bottom right text display of loaded ammo / reserve ammo.

I decided to go the "Magic Clips" route in terms of ammo. That means if you reload with a couple bullets left, those bullets magically end up back in your reserve. I find this less confusing. Also I think it would be bogus if you didn't reload just to save a couple of bullets, and then the next room you enter is a swarm where you'd want a full clip.

The other thing going on here is the reload animation... because I use IK for the arms, I had to change up how the IK targets work. While you're reloading, the IK targets are driven by animated invisible transforms that are relative to the weapon. It used to be the Humanoid class just said "if you're holding a weapon, put your hands at these spots relative to the weapon transform".

This new way is going to be a lot more flexible, and will make other things like pump-action shotgun's way easier.

COMING SOON: The Stats and Perks System aka. the cool part of this game