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Yeah, that sounds about right. The jam organizers could cobble them together with input from the community, or maybe the community would submit their own themes and everyone would vote on the top 20 contenders? It depends how many people become invested in the event.

Hmm. Details, details. I like the pool idea though.


I like the pool of theme ideas. We could start just by brainstorming some here. And then ask people who participate in the first jam to submit ideas, and grow the pool that way.

As for timing. What about a once-a-month jam with a one-week window. That way people have plenty of time, but there's also a gap between jams.


Sounds like a plan. :) A one-week window seems the most comfortable -- I'm personally unable to do weekend jams with my schedule, so this fits me perfectly. :D

Brainstorming, brainstorming... are we gonna use one-word prompts as themes, or proper concepts? I'm cool with either!

For themes I think either or both is fine ~~ whatever feels right to you ~~

I will start a brainstorming comment! feel free to reply and add to it :)