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I've bought the game recently but only played the demo, so with that in mind I will give my input. I might sound rude but no offense intended. Also excuse me for any bad grammar. It is not my main language.

From what I've experienced so far, the narrative was the main reason I bought this V.N.. That and how I've felt that the characters design fitted in the world you've created.This reminds me how I got to play V.N. with the story as the main focus and the art as a complement, not the other way around. It was compelling and it picked my interest. :)

Knowing that Art is a touchy subject I will only say that with what I've seen, there is room for improvement (they are good). However I applaud to your originality for both world and character design.
I also liked how the main character was not a damsel in distress.

So far I liked what I've 'seen' and hope to get some time to play the full game!

Thank you for making it.