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Hey there. Good job so far mate!

Visually, it's stunning. From the way the background is made, to the animations and the emotions, it really shows that you're a great developer. This is your first project, right? Well then! Keep the great work! I'm planing on supporting your Patreon. Good luck with the development process!

May I ask, are there only two sex scenes, though?

Anyways, have a great day!

- Ace

Hey Ace!

Thank you for the praise! This is my first NSFW game but I have worked on other projects in the past. I'm happy to welcome you on Patreon! The support I get on there is what fuels my work and why I'll be starting a second, much larger project, in the near future :)

And that's right! ONLY two sex scenes :p There were more planned but I didn't want to spend too much time on such a simple game.

Take care!


Its amazing game,hope it grows and can be VR game too.