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I absolutely adored the demo! I've been messing around with the trial of RPG Maker MV (and had already been looking at buying RPG Maker 2003 once my trial is over) and this game absolutely convinced me that I need to get RPG Maker 2003. Seeing what devs can do with the engine with enough dedication is just astounding (although I do realize I will have a steep learning curve ahead of me if I ever want to achieve anything this good).

Loved it, and I only have two very minor criticisms:

1. During the fight where you need to dodge the enemy's projectiles, it might be good if the game automatically set you to the middle tile at the beginning of the phase. The first time I played the fight the boss got a few hits in because I started on the left and thought that was the best place to be and because I simply couldn't move two tiles quickly enough to dodge the projectiles.

2. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get back to the good fighting bit after the end of the demo!? I may just be dumb and have missed something obvious, but I've tried using the orb thingy pretty much everywhere, so please, someone give me a clue.

Beyond that, an absolutely wonderful experience and I am really looking forward to the final version. <3

Heyy, thanks so much for playing! Your feedback is greatly appreciated :) enter the secret cavern (entrance can be found in map 1) with a jet suit and in the cavern, fly to the top right corner of the map, there should be some ancient markings on the wall that the orb will automatically react to ;) have fun!