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Could you explain the problem in more detail?

I'm just falling down indefinitely. Doesn't really seem to be stuck in loading since I can access the menu with no problem, restart, quit, etc... I think it's similar to when you forget to include a map in the build of the game and then try to load it. I was gonna check the output log but can't find it.

That problem is caused by the game failing to save. Possible reasons are that the Saves folder is set as Read Only or is in a Read Only directory, or that you're attempting to play directly from the .zip file.

I've since added a warning screen that tells this to you when the game starts if it's unable to save or load and lets you progress with saving disabled if you want, so that will be in 1.05

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Apparently it's Windows treating you like you are 4 years old. I removed read only, still didn't work. I checked the folder properties again, it doesn't take my changes into consideration, even as administrator. Maybe if I move it to another place... Nope didn't work...

If the "Read Only" box is filled with a square instead of a checkmark, that means it should work, and the problem lies elsewhere. I don't know your PC so I can't say for sure, but it's probably some permission issue.