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Water effects work great. I would consider something different as far as the sound effects in the game. didn't care much for the sound of a guy puking in my ear just because I ran over a mushroom that did not seem to affect my health at all. The height of your terrain could either be lowered, or smoothed out... and Gaia makes that pretty simple... but that is simply a matter of preference. Also, if your going to use gaia that is 100% ok... but I would look into some terrain assets to add to your world as well. Do something to make it stand apart from every other game being developed that is going to use Gaia as well. It may be a lengthy process.. but hand panting the island with a unique texture should do the trick. Also, add some rocks, boulders, and different buildings. The ones that you used are of poor quality. This game doesn't do much in the way of standing out from any other game on the market. Its going to be a tough sell. Don't be discouraged though. Be innovative. Be creative. Be unique.

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Thanks for your fantastic feedback. Your positive criticism and advice is much appreciated. I am working alone at the moment, but a friend thats into music will help soon. Btw, the red mushrooms does make your health go down a tiny bit, but not instantly. The other mushrooms are good. Yes many and better models and animals and more advanced animations are coming. Just getting started. Keep it coming and thanks for your time. If you want to contribute appropriate replacement models for anything in the game that would be very cool, but otherwise check back soon. I did an upgrade to the unity engine to one of the beta builds version 5.6.0b8 and in broke some of the underwater effects (caustics), so that will be disabled for now, but hopefully back soon when the production version of the Unity game engine version 5.6 comes out.