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This looked really cool. It was super easy to buy in to the fiction.

Some room for polish:

  • When flying high, the ship bumps the ceiling in a weird way. It doesn't feel great. I don't know much about Unity, but I'm wondering, can you change the hit-detection of the ceiling to make it smoother?
  • I really wish the shape-windows were transparent. Maybe this is how you intended it, but flying into a black texture made it really difficult to re-orient myself on the other side.
  • I really, really love the shape shift animation. It's simple but believable. I think if you sped it up (give it more of a "snap") it might look a little better.

Great game!

Thank you for playing our game and for all the awesome feedback. I’m glad you had fun.

I just updated the game with some of your suggestions. Check it out if you can!